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Earthjet Carriage

EarthJet is a visionary concept which redefines high speed luxury travel. Travelling at 200+ mph throughout Europe's extensive railway network, travellers enjoy unrivalled exclusivity and comfort. With space for up to 12 passengers - including a lounging area, dining area, bedrooms and even hidden viewing decks - EarthJet provides a climate friendly alternative to private jets, elevating inter-city travel to new heights.

Image by Rodrigo Curi
Person admiring the city
Couple on Vacation

The challenge:

Private jet use soared in Europe in 2022, fuelled by a desire for exclusive travel city to city without the hassle of main airports. However this comes at a huge price, as emissions from private jets have surged to more than 500,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions from the UK alone.

Around a quarter of the 572,806 jet journeys taken in 2022 were ‘very short haul’ according to a Greenpeace report, covering distances under 500km which could have been train trips.


Earthjet Exterior

The solution:

EarthJet asks the question ‘what if...?’ What if private high speed rail were possible? Using state of the art AI controlled signalling, we envisage private trains slotting in between commuter trains to make exclusive rail travel possible. Even with as few as 4 passengers, the emissions created from the electricity generation would be significantly less than from private aviation.

Based on a standard TGV double deck carriage, EarthJet is a high speed single car train, which can speed through the beautiful European scenery, linking main cities such as Paris, Rome, Berlin, Vienna and Barcelona.

EarthJet Entrance
EarthJet Lounge

The experience:

When boarding EarthJet you enter into the welcoming entrance space, guests walk down into a 15ft double height living area, making full use of the vast size of the duplex carriage. Inspired by a combination of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese rustic minimalism, the space is calming and tranquil, with stunning views out of the main large spherical window. Large and comfortable seating gives guests space to relax and enjoy the journey. Spacious and cozy seating provides ample room for guests to unwind and savor the travel experience.


EarthJet Panoramic Window

Above the living space is a mezzanine viewing deck, with panoramic windows framing the dazzling views - three individual seats and a double love seat to take it all in. All the windows of EarthJet are electronically dimmable, ensuring privacy when travelling through urban areas.

Above the drivers compartment at each end is a hidden sky pod, with a bubble glass roof, giving breath taking 180 degree immersion in the landscape.

EARTHjet V2_Studio 14_2023-10-22_533 copy.jpg
EARTHjet V2_Studio 10_2023-10-23_550 copy.jpg
EARTHjet V2_Studio 11_2023-10-23_551 copy.jpg

Towards the centre of EarthJet, a flexible kitchen with rotating bar allow guests to entertain and socialise - alternatively the area can be screened off to allow the on-board staff to create some culinary delights that can be enjoyed at the extending dining table.

Earthjet Kitchen
Earthjet Kitchen
Earthjet Lounge Night

Steps lead up from the living area into the luxurious master bedroom, an oasis of calm that can be used for wellness, working and sleeping - at first glance it’s a large, open space with a desk but the double bed is ingeniously stowed vertically against the wall, and folds down when needed hiding the desk beneath it.

For a true hotel like experience, the bedroom contains a huge integrated bath, which uses recycled rainwater collected from channels in the train exterior, heated using excess heat from the electric motors. A second bedroom is located adjacent the first, with access from the other end of the carriage.

EarthJet Desk
Earthjet Bedroom
EarthJet Bathroom

As with the luxurius interior, EarthJet doesnt compromise on sustainability; it's electric powertrain ensures it's footprint is as light as possible, and its body is made from 85% recycled aluminium. The interior uses fully FST compient wood veneers, a lightweight and carbon neutral material which offers tactility and comfort, recycled yarns for the upholstery, recycled plastics and lightweight fabrics.


Using water collected in channels on the exterior, the water system is a closed loop with internal filters to reduce water use, and heating is provided from the excess heat generated in the electric motors.

EarthJet's interior can also be configured for sightseeing parties of up to 12, with 6 ensuite bedrooms and larger catering facilities perfect slower journeys across the most picturesque scenery in Europe, creating a new and memorable way of traveling.

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