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  • Daniel Clucas

Wheelchairs are not baggage 

Updated: Apr 30

Wheelchairs are not baggage and getting injured on a flight is not a customer service issue, it's a saftey issue. 

These may seem obvious but we learned how often they're not, at an inspiring and insightful Air Accessibility Conference hosted by Christopher Wood MBEDeka Chambers and Clyde & Co. I'm incredibly honoured and grateful to be included in these discussions. 

We heard about the complexities, contradictions and limits of the law in terms of disabled passengers rights when flying. How complaints are not logged or even followed through, how psychological injuries are not taken seriously and how wheelchairs can be treated the same as a suitcase.

Things are moving in the right direction and many airlines are doing some really good work, but there's a long way to go until the law fully protects disabled passengers, their equipment and service animals. 


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