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  • Daniel Clucas

The Green Premium

The recent launch of the Dacia Spring got us at studio ID thinking. Amazingly it'll be the first EV that truly compares in price to its petrol counterparts. It's taken 5+ years of Electric Vehicle development to get the technology down to this price level, but points to a very positive future where the greener choice is, for the first time, no longer the more expensive.

When it comes to air travel, you could say we're pretty late to the sustainability game but the advantage of this is that the sustainable technology and learnings developed for other interior sectors, especially automotive, can be transferred in.

A lot of the work has already been done on weight reduction, circular design, and sustainable materials. While not all solutions will work in an aircraft cabin's heavily regulated environment, we have a great head start. 

This means that we can rapidly transform the supply chain and design of our interiors to reduce their environmental impact and work towards the Airline's Net Zero abitions, without passing on huge costs to the customers. Price is so often a deciding factor in travel options, that we cannot afford to have a "green premium".

Would/could/should customers pay more for the greener travel options?


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